Congratulations! You did it!

Today is the last day of class!  You made it.  I hope you feel that you learned a lot and that this class was worthwhile.  I have seen a lot of growth in each one of you, and I hope you have too.  I had fun getting to know you, and will be sad I won’t be seeing you three times a week anymore.   Good luck in all you do, and I hope you all have safety, happiness, and success in life.

Final Showcase

We’ll divide the class in half and everyone will have about 10-12 minutes to mingle and visit the various stations. If there’s something you’re really proud of, let us know as we visit. You all have worked hard! Show off! Visitors, if you’re curious about something, feel free to ask questions or click around. Be nosy! Learn something new!

When time is up, we’ll switch.


Take care of your self and have a fun summer!

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