The End is Near

Course Evaluations
Most of you have taken evaluations for your other courses and I would appreciate it if you would fill one out for this class now. Student feedback is used for hiring and promotion decisions, course planning, and teacher support. It’s really taken very seriously at this university, so please answer each question. (Also make sure you’re selecting the answers you intend! One year, the scale was reversed and let’s just say scores were a little out of whack).

Access the course evaluation here.

If you need help with anything on your website, now is the time to ask! Websites should be complete and ready to roll at the beginning of class Friday. Bring earphones Friday morning if you’d like visitors to listen to things on your site. You may also want to decorate your computer area (not required).  If you were not here Wednesday, talk to another student to get the rubric for the showcase grade.

If you have not emailed me about missing or incomplete assignments, your grade will be what I show you today.  Unless you make arrangements otherwise you have to turn in your incomplete or re-do assignments today Simply updating them on your website is not enough.  You have to to email me to tell me what you changed.  I will be submitting your grades on Friday after class is over (I leave the next day to Montreal for a conference, and will not be able to make changes after that).

Also, just to be clear (in case you’ve been in a cave) Friday is the last day of class.  We do not have class Monday.  Good luck as you prepare for your finals!

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