The final stretch!

As a reminder, today is a work day. We’re putting our final touches on TLAT #3 which is due by 11:59 p.m. tonight. I have most of your grades done up to this point.  I’ll try to talk to you about them in class. If you made any changes to any earlier assignments, you MUST email me to let me know.  Otherwise, I’ll have no idea.  Tell me what you changed, and which assignment.  

I’ll try to have all make up work (No more late work will be accepted.  Last Friday was the last day for late assignments!!!!), and TLAT #3 grade by Wednesday.  You should have a pretty good idea of your final grade in the class by Wednesday.  If you have any questions, talk to me in person.  We only have 5 more days until I want to have all grading done, so any problems need to be resolved by Friday.

Here are the directions for embedding your work:

  • Log into Google Sites and create a page called TLAT #3
    • Choose Insert. Then choose Document.
    • Find your Design Guide and select it.
  • Log into Google Docs and locate your copy of your lesson design guide.
    • Change the sharing settings to Public (anyone on the web can see it).
    • Make sure you do NOT change the editing settings. You don’t want anyone to edit your work but you.
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