Like peas in a pod(cast)

I hope you had a great weekend looking for educational apps that you could use in your teaching or other work.  Now is your chance to apply what we learned earlier in the year about audio and video editing.  You will make a podcast or vodcast (it can be just audio if you want) about as many of the apps as you would like.  It could focus on your favorite one, or perhaps list your top 5.  That’s up to you.  For example, this website has vodcasts (video podcasts) of reviewing one app per day.  You could do something like that. Or you could do like David Pogue does in this episode where he reviews several apps based on one idea.  He’s a great technology writer for the NY Times, and he’s really good, and quite funny.  Or there’s more….

When you are done creating your podcast (it should be about 3 minutes long and have some music somewhere in it (preferably at the beginning and end), follow the directions from Wednesday’s blogpost to see how to add it to your website.  Please have this completed by Wednesday, since we’ll be starting the last TLAT (and the last assignment) on that day.

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