TLAT #2 Design and Reflect

Today we’ll work on finishing our TLAT #2.  Remember, it’s an absence make-up day, so if you come it will help clear one of your absences.

Take time to describe your lesson in detail, using the 4 paragraph structure i recommended.  I hope you are learning something, and you can reflect on that in your section 5. Once you complete the TLAT, take the following steps to include it in your website.

  • Log into Google Sites and create a page called TLAT #2
    • Choose Insert. Then choose Document.
    • Find your Design Guide and select it.
  • Log into Google Docs and locate your copy of your lesson design guide.
    • Change the sharing settings to Public (anyone on the web can see it).
    • Make sure you do NOT change the editing settings. You don’t want anyone to edit your work but you.

Finish your TLAT. It’s due Monday at the beginning of class.

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