TLAT #2 Decisions and Peer Review

Today we’re deciding which TLAT activity we want to implement. We’ll decide by evaluating our ideas and choosing the best one. Let’s take a look at the design guide. I have included five criteria that I believe are important to designing lessons that inspire creativity and innovation. You should choose three and list them in table 3.1 and 3.2 on your design guide. I would recommend using my top three in your list, but certainly you are free to include other points instead. You’ll need to add two to have five total. Consult your book (Chapter 5) as a guide.

After you type those in, work with a partner who will read through and evaluate each of your ideas. Type your partner’s name beside 3.1 so I’ll know who it was. Explain anything that isn’t clear to your partner (although that means you probably need to write a clearer description). After your peer evaluates your work, now it’s your turn. Read through your ideas again and honestly assess their value.

Once you’re done, complete sections 3.3 and 3.4. Here’s an example of someone who thoroughly explained why s/he chose an activity. Your description doesn’t have to be as lengthy; the point is to clearly connect choosing the activity the criteria you selected.

Once you’re done with Section 3, go ahead and begin Section 4. Make sure you provide details. I’ve given a little more guidance this time, to make sure you have a clearly elaborated lesson. There were lots of 10s last time, but also some 9s and 8s because you lacked clarity, or 6s and 7s because you simply weren’t thorough. I want to award all 10s this time, so do your best!

Friday will be an “absence make-up day.”  I know a lot of you have several absences, so if you want to have one of those absences cleared, come on Friday.  If you don’t need to come for absences, or don’t need help, then by all means work at home.

Remember, these are due on Monday.

  • Finish Section 3 and 4. We’ll work on 5 on Friday.
  • Your TLAT is due Monday at the beginning of class. I will post directions on Friday’s blog to remind you how to embed it.
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