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Put on your finest tuxes and gowns…it’s time for the academy awards. Remember that your stories are due at the beginning of class, whether you’re present or not.

We’re going to get in small groups of four and watch our videos. It may be difficult to listen on some of the PCs, so choose your location wisely. You can also use the teacher station and the back editing station if needed.
As you’re watching, ask yourself “What does this story help me understand?” For instance, did you gain more insight into the author’s life? Did you learn about a new topic? Did you get some good life advice? All stories do not unfold the same way, and all learning cannot be summarized by what you can answer on a test.
Choose one video from each group that the whole class should watch. We’ll watch them as time permits.
Think about the process. How were you creative? What was fun about this project? What challenges did you encounter? How was time a factor? What could’ve helped you be more successful? What are some things to keep in mind as you design opportunities to enhance creativity?
Watch this TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson (20 minutes). On Wallwisher, list one or two points that stood out to you (whether you agreed or disagreed). Use direct quotes when possible.
If you want to get a head start on the Chapter 6 reading guide, you it can download it here. It won’t be due until April 4th (a week from Monday), but since we don’t have much homework this weekend, you may want to get  a head start.  Ignore questions #5, 9, and 12 (about webquests).
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