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Digital Storytelling Tools Today we are running full speed ahead into digital storytelling. You should have a clear idea of the story you want to tell.

Are you planning to use photos or videos (or both)? Will you be using captions or narration (or both)? How about music? Remember, your video will only be about 2-3 minute and it should A) tell a story and B) teach the viewer something (even if that something is just something about the place you visited for Spring Break).

Because we all have different computers and different ways we’d like to tell our stories, I’m going to give you a range of tools to choose from and you will pick the ones that will work best for you. Your story will be due at the beginning of class on Friday March 25 and you will be showcasing it to your classmates.  You will have time to work on it in class on Monday March 21st, and independently (no class) March 23rd.

Photo Stories

If you’re going to go the photo route, watch a tutorial to help you begin. You can try Photo Story (PC) or iPhoto (Mac). You don’t have to use either of these…you may want to try one of the other tools listed below:

Video Stories
iMovie (Mac) – This tutorial goes over all the basics, highlighting how to edit video clips. Even if you plan to use photos (instead of video), start with that beginning tutorial to understand the program overall. Try this more advanced tutorial when you’re ready to add transitions, photos, and background music.
Movie Maker (PC) – Try this tutorial to get up and running right away.
Jaycut – this is a free online movie editor.

Here’s a basic comparison chart for some of the tools. 

Tool Mac/PC Download or web-based Still or video Allows narration Can add music Ease of Use
Photostory PC only Download still images Yes difficult beginner
MovieMaker PC only Download (or already on PC) both Yes difficult intermediate
VoiceThread both web-based both Yes no beginner
StoryBird both web-based illustrations on Storybird site No no beginner
iMovie Mac only Download (or already on Mac) both Yes easy intermediat

Other Tools for Your Story

Voicethread (online presentation creation tool)
StoryBird (illustrated story – especially for younger audiences).  If you go this route, you’ll need to narrate your story with Jing.
Xtranormal (animated graphics – A lot of fun!)

Music or Narration Tools
We talked a lot about Audacity this week.  I hope you all got a chance to learn something that you can use in your storytelling.  If you have a Mac, and want to try Garage Band (Mac), have a go. Click here for the basics, or here when you’re ready to learn how to record your own podcast/narration track.
You can add an audio track made on one of these programs to your movie very easily.
Just for Fun
Animoto is an exciting tool!! Unfortunately, it isn’t free if you want to create videos longer than 30 seconds. It’s $3 to create one full-length video.

HOMEWORK (By Monday March 21st–After Spring Break)
  • Finalize your story (your script, music, and pictures or videos you plan to use)
  • Finalize the tool/s you plan to use. Get comfortable with them.
  • Use your Spring Break to take pictures, or film movies that you can use.
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