I hope everyone had a good time on Wednesday learning about SMART Boards.  Today you are going to get a chance to make a SMART Board activity.  You will all get a bracelet checked out to you for the weekend.  It has the software on it you will need.  If you loose it, we will chop off your right thumb.  So make sure you return it. 🙂

The software is called SMART Notebook.  It’s kind of like PowerPoint, but designed especially for interactivity.  The version on the bracelet is the Student Edition (SE).  If you want a copy of the teacher edition, you can download it here free for 30 days.  If you are interested in getting a license beyond that, let me know, and we’ll see about getting one for you (UGA has some you can use if you need).

For your assignment:

1) Explore the SMART Exchange website. This is a gallery of activities teachers have uploaded.  They are of varying quality (some are just plain bad) but you can get some good ideas.

2) Pick a lesson or activity that you can modify or start an activity from scratch if you want.  Add some new interactivity to your lesson/activity.  For instance, you could hide answers (remember how to do that?) use a pull-out tab, link to a sound, etc.  Remember, interactive white boards work best when your students use them, not when the teacher uses them.

3)Save your new Notebook file.  Take a screen shot of your activity.

4) Create a new page on your website.  Call it SMART Board or anything related.  Insert your screenshot, and write 3-4 paragraphs explaining what you added to your activity that was new, and how the students will use it.  You will also want to explain how this increases student interactivity in the class.

5) Attach your notebook file to your web page.

6) Be prepared on Monday to briefly share what you have made.  This means loading it on the SMART Board in class and demonstrating how it works.  Be prepared to spend 2 minutes each person (practice, since 2 minutes goes quickly)

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