That smarts…

I hope everyone learned a lot from the TLAT, and that you are starting to see there’s more to using technology in your class than just knowing a couple cool software programs. 🙂 Make sure you insert you Googledoc on a new page (you can call it TLAT #1 if you can’t think of anything more creative).

Today we’re going to start a unit on SmartBoards.  We’ll play around with some today and see what they can do.  Those of you that come at 12:20 will get a tour by the students of Gretchen Thomas’ SmartBoard class.  Those at 1:25 get me. 🙂  We’ll be in both room 616 and 618 so that more people get a chance to use the boards.

Over the next couple of class periods, we’ll create our own SmartBoard lessons using some templates that are available online.    So be thinking about how you could use these in your classes.

There’s no homework today, so if you’re itching to do something, you can start on the next reading guide.  If you’ve done all three already, than this is your last one. 🙂  We’ll be reading CHAPTER 5 this week.  Try to get this done by next Wednesday if possible, but by Friday at the latest.

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