Thinking like a teacher

Today we begin our first Think Like a Teacher activity (forever referred to as: TLAT #1). For this project you’ll need the Georgia Performance Standards, knowledge of communication and collaboration tools, information from Chapter 3, and your brain. Your final product will be a write-up (2-3 pages) of a learning activity that you design for your grade/subject.  This learning activity MUST incorporate a communication and/or collaboration tool!!

Here’s an example of an activity that uses technology to promote communication and collaboration.

We’ll be working on this project in class today and independently (no class) on monday – it is due on  Wednesday, February 23 by the end of the day.


Let’s get our materials ready so you can start thinking like a teacher. You’ll need a regular education class roll or a special education class roll and a lesson design guide.

We’re going to go over these two forms.  If you want some more information, here is some ideas and advice from former EDIT 2000 students about the Think Like a Teacher project.


Let’s look at the class rolls – you’ll see headings that relate to what we discussed during our Teacher Boot Camp a few weeks ago. The information on these rolls will help inform your decisions on the Lesson Design Guide.

Section 1 of the Lesson Design Guide uses a lot of information from Chapter 3 in your text. We’ll work through some of Section 1 during class today. It’s really the most important section (as students in the previous video mentioned).

FOR Wednesday (remember, no class on Monday):

1. Complete sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Lesson Design Guide today. Explore existing lesson activities online (there is a link in the guide) and the samples in the textbook to come up with ideas for this project.

2. On your own, complete sections 4 and 5.  This includes filling out the details on your lesson and reflecting on your design.

3. You will want to Paste all this into a GoogleDoc that you can upload to your website.  Make sure you make the GoogleDoc public so I can read it.


1) keep the Step 1 ideas in mind during exploration
2) adapt or create lesson activities for your class rather than simply pick and use an existing lesson.

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