Tools for teachers

Settling in

We’re going to start this class with the Smartboard Response activity we didn’t have time for last time.  I tried it out after class the other day and it worked, so let’s hope it works today. 🙂

Teacher Performance

Many students take this course hoping they will learn more about word or excel.  While we don’t focus on the details of programs like this, there are a lot of programs that provide help to teachers in doing their job.  Let’s make a list, using a synchronous Googledoc of things you think teachers need to know how to do. If you are in the 12:20 class, click here; or in the 1:25 click here What tools do you think you need to know better to be able to do them?

Now you have an idea of some of the things you may need to do to be a successful teacher, explore some of the following tools to find one you would like to know better.

Now for your “teacher performance tools” assignment do the following:

  1. Select one tool you want to know more about but don’t already know how to do.
  2. Learn more about it using your resource, and something you’ve never done before.
  3. Create something with your tool, or create a screen shot of you doing something new in the tool (if you can’t create something that demonstrates what you learned).
  4. Upload what you made or your screen shot to a new page on your website called “teacher performance” or something creative.
  5. Write 3-4 paragraphs explaining 1) why do teachers need to know how to do this 2)Where did you go to learn about it 3)What did you learn that was new 4)how you can apply that in your work.  If you are not planning on being a teacher write about your profession.
  6. We will share them in class first thing Friday (it’ shouldn’t take you long to do, so no excuses for not getting it done)

Remember, your chapter 3 reading guides are also due Friday.

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