Content Learning

Learning styles?
Here’s a great news article to mull over while we settle in.

Covering the Curriculum
Chapter 2 talked about content learning. What does that mean? What does it mean to you? to your subject? What’s the difference between structural and procedural knowledge?

In groups of four (I’ll choose the groups), discuss one of the following guidelines.

1. Incorporate principles of just-in-time learning.
2. Differentiate instruction.
3. Teach in a culturally responsive manner.
4. Adapt materials to be accessible for all students
5. Balance content and tools

  • What does it mean (summarize it in your own words)?
  • What is an example? (Don’t use any included in the text.)
  • Why is this guideline important to learners?/How can it support learning?
  • If possible, create a visual to help represent your guideline.

Write/draw your answers and prepare to share with the whole group.
Which of these 5 guidelines do you feel you don’t see enough of here at UGA? Which do you see followed frequently? Which matters most to you?

We’ll try a smart board response survey in class (if all the technology works for me).

For Next Week

MondayWe will have no class.  Consider it an early President’s day. 🙂

Wednesday-we’ll be learning some new tools. Please try to remember to bring a pair of earphones and microphone – just in case you need them.

FridayChapter 3 reading guide will be due.  You can get started on it now if you want.

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